Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pinspiration #3: Mail Organizing Station

I was inspired by this lovely project from Beyond the Picket Fence:  

I needed a solution for my mail piling up all over the house. Here's my version:

I decided to put it right by the front door as otherwise the mail would just get left on the T.V. stand near there anyway.

FYI- my dad painted that painting for me and made the frame from old barn wood. Love it!

I already had all the supplies on hand for this project. I was digging around in the garage for a board when I found the piece of bead board already cut to the perfect width. Score! Did I mention it was already painted white? Double score! All I had to do to the backing was sand it a bit and antique it with a little stain.

I also had the books on hand from a previous auction buy. I just removed the covers, glued in fabric sides and screwed the cover right into the bead board.

Don't worry about the book insides, they will be put to good use! I thought the covers needed some extra hardware, so I glued some scrap-booking label parts I had lying around to the fronts.

Because I can't resist, here's an "action shot"

I love this thing! Hopefully, I can convince my husband to put the mail in here instead of laying it elsewhere.

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life!

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  1. Wow that is Clever! What kind of glue did you use to glue the fabric in? Have you tested it for strength with some heavy mail or pulling at it to get mail out? I have mail, here, there, and everywhere, just depends space is available when my husband collects it. This would really be handy, and so cute!

    Oh, I'm from the Clever Chicks Blog Hop.

    1. Thanks Anna! I used a heavy duty canvas. I used two kinds of glue, E6000 and then a bead of hot glue to hold the fabric while the e6000 dried. I've currently got two catalogs and about 5-8 bills in one book and it seems to be holding.