Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The First 2015 Holiday Projects!

I'm so excited for Christmas this year and all that it entails. I posted about my office decorations a few days ago. I've also gotten a few holiday projects done so far and I love them!!! Both projects involved cutting vinyl on my Cricut Explore.

First, is a jingle bell shadow box. This one is so fun.

I also did a reindeer name sign. I've been admiring similar ones on Pinterest and the like for some time now and I finally made one for myself.

Have you started any holiday projects yet? Now I just need to finish cleaning my house so I can put up the rest of the Christmas decorations. I have the tree up and decorated, but that's as far as I've gotten.

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life! 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Office Holiday Tour

I have started decorating for Christmas at home, but I only have the tree done so far. My office, however has quite a few up. So, I thought I would share those.

This year, I went with a theme for the tree.  I decided to go with the song "Sleigh Ride." 

Half view of the front of the office:

Here's the whole front view with a panoramic picture. It distorts the space somewhat, but gives a good idea of what is placed where. 

The waiting area chairs with some little trees.

I found this lovely iced garland for super cheap at the thrift store.

It's hard to get a good picture through the window due to the reflection, but I have a little bottle tree display along with a sleigh.

A little twig and light display:

More trees:

Coat hook snowflakes:

I love Christmas decorating so much! I can't wait to decorate the house and show it off! More holiday decorating to come!

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

And rain will make the flowers grow...

It's been a great year for my plants this year. Everything has grown huge it seems. It's just been raining at the right times and I haven't had to water much. I ended up planting a lot of pots this year, and thought I would share them with you.

On the lamp post at the end of my driveway are some pretty pink geraniums.

A trio of mixed pots:

I've made a few dish fairy gardens this year as well.

I love how these turned out!

Then there is my two barrels:

The dahlia's are especially big this year!

I love planing in unexpected containers, like this teapot:

This the best year yet for my clematis.

And last but not least, I took an arty pic of one of my hydrangea bushes and a rusty chair in the backyard.

I'm in love with all the blooms! How is your gardening going this year?

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pinspiration: Wax Paper Printing

I am now addicted to this new method of making signs! Let me start at the beginning. I saw this pin:

I decided to try the method for making signs.

The tutorial is quite detailed, so I won't rehash it all here. I will say it's a bit tricky to get the wax paper through the printer, or at least it was my particular printer. Ultimately, in order to get it to work I had to tape the wax paper to a piece of regular printer paper.

It took a lot of patience, but here's how they turned out:

I especially love how the anchor one turned out.

Even though the method requires some patience (and sometimes swearing) I love the results. I've made a total of four signs now and I can't see to stop! Have any of you tried this method?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Arrows to Point the Way

I'm in love with all the arrow stuff I see everywhere nowadays. I've also been wanting to try my hand at some of the pallet board art that's all over Pinterest. So, I decided to combine the two. Now, the boards I used are not true pallet boards. These are just short boards I picked up in the odds and ends bin at Menards. Now, if you haven't seen the odds and ends bin, you need to find it! There are all sorts of shorter board ends in various lengths and widths.  I've found everything from plain pine to white oak to cedar siding ends in there. These ends are perfect for sign making.

After I picked my boards, I cut out two different arrow shapes using my cricut on contact paper. I used this as a stencil on my boards. I used acrylic paint and a sponge pouncer to do the paint. Then I lightly sanded with a sanding sponge. I used a coat of Minwax Early American stain over the top and TaDa! Fabulous signs!

I used a piece of cedar siding for this simple black arrow.

I did an ombre effect on the coral arrow into orange and I could not be happier with the results. I am addicted to making these now and need to make lots more!

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lovely Little Side Table

I picked up this lovely little mid-century modern side table.

It has two drawers and some lovely features that I thought needed highlighting. I've been jumping on the gold craze lately (see here and here) and I thought that might be a great way to do the highlighting.

First, I chose a fun color of spray paint called sea glass (made by Krylon) for the base.

Gold accents came next:

I love the effects! I can't believe I've been having so much fun with gold!

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Art Deco Dresser- Lace Pattern Tutorial

I've actually managed to get a big project done! It's almost a miracle. My husband pointed out this dresser at a garage sale for $5!

For $5 how could I go wrong? The art deco handles alone are amazing! Hubby had to do some repair work to it. It needed a few boards replaced. Then it was my turn to paint it!

I decided it needed it's art deco roots highlighted. So, I painted the whole dresser a light gray color as a base coat.

Then I decided to use a lace and spray paint technique on the drawers. First I draped my lace curtain over the drawer:

Then I sprayed over the drawer with a silver spray paint. I removed the curtain right away to find this:

Beautiful! After spraying the handles to match, the finished product is very nice if I do say so myself!

What a fun project!

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life!