Saturday, July 5, 2014

Phonograph Player Stand into Coffee Bar

A year or two ago, hubby and I got to pick a farm place. Most of the stuff when to my Mom's store, but we did keep a few things. One of those pieces was an old phonograph (or maybe record player) stand. The top was missing, but the rest of it was in great shape. Here's a few before pics:

The inside has two drawers that pull out. I almost left the paint as is, but thought I might want to go a bit darker. I had a color all picked out, but in the store, I was starting to think it was too dark, so I went a shade lighter. When I got home, my hubby made fun of me because the color I came home with was almost the same color it already was!

I still decided to paint it, not knowing what kind of paint was on the outside. I painted, distressed and antiqued the piece with stain.

My hubby cut a new top from a board and routered the edge. I decided to stain the top. Here's the finished results:

Sorry, the color's a little washed out in that one. The hardware had been painted over, but I cleaned it in a bath of vinegar. It's brass and gorgeous!

The drawers were in great shape, so I just cleaned them up a little and left them as is. Hubby cut a couple of thin plywood sheets to put in the bottom, as there was an open slot in them for records to fit.

I love how this piece turned out! I was originally going to use this piece as a rolling mini island in the kitchen, but Hubby had the great idea of putting my Keurig and coffee stuff on it, and now I have a coffee bar with storage.

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life!

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