Monday, August 20, 2012

Leather and Burlap Toy Box Ottomen

I had redone an auction toy box find previously here, but it wasn't doing it for me anymore. Here's a quick recap of the original box:

Ugly contact paper. Ripped off to reveal this:

*Shudder* Recovered with batting and slipcovers to make this:

Not bad, but even though it was a slipcover, it was a pain to get off, it stained instantly and I didn't wash it frequently enough. Then, I scored this vintage leather coat at a thrift store:

It's a nice burgundy color trench and soft as butter. I would've worn it as is, but sadly the size small didn't fit well. I decided to cover the top of my box with the leather (easy to wipe off clean) and the bottom with some burlap potato sacks I've been saving. I didn't really take any in progress pics, but it mostly involved the staple gun (and occasionally when the staples didn't go in all the way, the hammer). Here's the result:

I forgot to mention, I measured the outside of the box and then sewed sacks together for the right width before stapling on.

The result of which, means that wherever the cut mark for the side of the bag was where the seam went. I kind of like the hodge podge look though. It gives it a very depression era, make do with what you have look, don't you think?

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life!

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