Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Should I Do With It Wednesday?

I am starting a new weekly series called "What Should I Do With It Wednesday?" This series will feature something I have been hording storing for awhile while I figure out what to do with it. I'll let you as readers comment on the post with your ideas. I will then try to make a project out of that item and show off the results at the beginning of the next week's post.

For the first week, I have this item:

I think it's a rock sifter or gravel sorter or something of that nature. I picked it up at a garage sale for pretty cheap (don't ask me exactly how much, as I can't remember.). I have a few ideas roaming around my head for this one, but I want to see what everyone else comes up with it. So, join in the fun and comment on what you think I should make out of this bad boy!

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life!

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**UPDATE: See what I did with it here**

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