Friday, August 10, 2012

Vintage School Chair Turned Funky

One of my most recent projects (as in finished it earlier this week) happens to be one of my favorites. I found this vintage school chair for cheap at a local thrift store. It originally looked like this:

The seat and back weren't too bad, but those legs were in rough shape! I've wanted to try the spray paint over lace method for awhile now, and thought this chair would be a great project to try it out on. For those who are unfamiliar with the technique, you find something lace (a tablecloth, curtains, doilies, etc.) and lay on the surface of your project and spray paint over it. Easy! So many coats of spray paint later, I had this:

I love the result! However, I do have a few tips for anyone who attempts to spray paint over lace. First, if you want a clean line like I did, you must tape up everything else! I thought I could get away with just taping the line and then laying a piece of paper over the rest of the seat. This did not work. I had drips and spots that I had to repaint the white over again.

Second, if you don't want a slightly (for lack of a better description) blurry lace pattern, less is more. Put on a very thin coat of spray paint, let it dry and then see if you need a second one to cover more spots. I did a thicker spray which made my pattern a little fuzzy. I happen to like it that way, but if you're looking for clean lines then don't do what I did!

Third, figure out the order of your painting (if you are doing several colors on different areas) before you start. I saved all the metal parts until last.  I think it would have been faster and used less tape and plastic if I had done those first and then just taped off the little bits of metal that touch the wood.

Finally, don't forget to seal your hard work with a sealant. (I use Krylon Matte Clear spray) Otherwise, your pretty pattern could start to wear off, especially on places like the seat.

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life!

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