Sunday, February 26, 2017

Antique Turned Wine Cabinet

I have had this antique sheet music cabinet for a long time.


I've used it for various kinds of storage over the years, but I've always wanted to revamp it somehow. I finally settled on the great idea of turning it into a wine bar/storage area. The first thing I did was pull off the back which was warped and rotten. Then I pulled out a few of the shelves to make room for some wine glass holders. I had to put a new back on. I chose to paint some bead board with a pop of color. Here's the result:

It works out great. I especially like how well it fits in this little space in the kitchen. I also like how nice it looks with this pallet wine rack my brother and sister in law gave us for Christmas.

What do you think? I think I love it. I also think I need a glass of wine to celebrate.

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life!

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