Monday, September 22, 2014

Let it go!- The Crafter's Version

I have recently decided that maybe my husband's right. (Don't tell him I said that!) I have too much craft stuff. I know, I know, I just shocked you with that statement. There's probably a few of you saying there's no such thing. I used to feel that way too.

But after the flooding our basement endured earlier this summer, I was forced to throw out some supplies that were ruined. Then, I had to haul all my stuff upstairs to the garage. Which made my husband mad to see how much stuff was actually there. 

I'm now in the process of bringing stuff back down into the basement. *sigh* That's  the point when I realized I will never ever use all of this stuff. As much as I would love to, it's not all going to happen (unless for some reason we miraculously won the lottery and I can quit my day job and hire a nanny).

I've also come to the not so good realization that I've spent a lot of money on objects that are just sitting here in my basement (or garage). Dang, yo! I've got to do something about that. 

So, I'm sorting through things. Things I think are worth something but I don't think I'll use in the next 6 months are getting sold. Things not worth a lot that I don't think will get used in the next 6 months are getting donated (either to other crafters or to the thrift store). 

I need to do this both to lighten my load and possibly recoup some expenses. I also am trying to organize what I'm keeping as I go. That means finally trying to decorate my craft area while I'm at it. 

That part of this whole ordeal has got me excited! I painted my peg board yesterday and it is cute! Hopefully, I can share some in progress pics of that soon.  You can check out some of my ideas for redoing this space here

What about y'all? Do you feel the need to let stuff go? Or are you a keeper? (I'll admit, I'm finding it hard to part with some things!) If you want to check out the few things I've got selling right now, You can see them here.

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life!  

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