Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Burlap Planter Liner

I had a problem. I have a planter on my deck rail that has one of those coconut liners. But after a couple of years it looked like this:

Try as I might, I could not find another liner that would fit in the basket. I started thinking about the materials I had around the house that might do the job. That's when I thought of this:

A pile of burlap left over from various furniture projects. Aha! I took lined the basket with several layers of the burlap and filled it up with dirt:

Time for the flowers!

I put in some alyssum, pansies, and blue ageratum. I wasn't too sure about using the burlap, but shortly after I planted this, I saw this post over at Penny's Vintage Home where she lined an entire shopping cart to use it as a planter. I wish I had that shopping cart to use as a planter!

I planted this a few weeks ago, and it has filled out some. I will post an update pic after awhile to show how the flowers are doing.

Don't settle for dull, live a refinished life!

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